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We invest our resources up-front to qualify your business for CoGen



We evaluate your needs using top engineers, with no cost to your business.

We evaluate your energy usage and building systems to determine your CoGen potential.

We invest our time and resources to present an economic proposal for your consideration.







In 60 minutes, we provide an estimate that outlines your savings


In 5 minutes, we know if you are a good candidate



In 1 week, we confirm that proposal



We develop the optimal solution for your operations 


We objectively identify the best solution that fits your operational requirements and meets your economic goals.

We choose the best equipment for your operations: we are not tied to any one OEM.

We use our financing expertise to insure that all available federal, state, and local incentives are obtained to maximize your operational savings.

As a result: you incur no costs for feasibility assessments, equipment installation, or system maintenance.




We manage the entire project from permitting and financing, installation and maintenance



We manage all permits: air, building, and utility.

We handle all construction management, and hire the top mechanical and electrical installers for your sites.

We take care of system commissioning and utility approvals.

We manage contracts for all operations and maintenance. 



We maintain ongoing responsibility for your system


We maintain ownership and operation of the equipment, and manage the system like your personal utility, charging you for electricity at a guaranteed lower price than your current rates.


We maintain ongoing responsibility for the performance of our contractors and equipment.


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