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How do we do this and why should you?


You have goals to reduce costs, improve energy reliability, and lower your carbon footprint, but you have limited resources.  We can help.  Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or cogeneration systems utilize proven technology and take advantage of the stable supply of natural gas in the U.S. to deliver a cheaper, more reliable, and cleaner source of energy.



Our expertise in CoGen project management across a wide array of industries for over 20 years, combined with our investment and finance expertise, allows us to invest in projects that qualify for this retrofit.



Explore CoGen Benefits with us.




Savings to your business from switching part of your energy usage to a lower cost fuel is a hedge against rising electric rates.


Increased energy efficiency enables you to maintain operations while purchasing less fuel.


If your business qualifies, it's a win-win: we are willing to invest in your business because we are confident of the long-term energy savings potential.




Your business is protected against an aging power infrastructure, "the grid", by having dedicated, on-site power generation.


A back-up system that allows your business to run when the grid is not available. 




Our solutions are more energy efficient because they use less fuel for the same energy output.


A 10MW CHP system saves over 42,000 Tons of CO2 emissions a year, almost 2.5x a 10MW Solar Photovoltaic system.



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