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Does my business qualify? A quick check to see if you may qualify:




 1   Operations in the following states?  MD, DE, NJ, NY, CT, MA


 2  Does your business run 24/7 and/or are you a big energy user?


 3  Energy use:







Is your electric bill is above 1MWh of annual electricity usage or $100,000/year?


Is your gas bill is above 5,000 MMBTUs of annual natural gas usage or $30,000/year?




Examples of industry sectors that match well with CHP:


  • Healthcare (hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers)

  • Industrial facilities (data centers, processing plants, etc.)

  • Universities and Schools (dorms, gyms)

  • Municipal (waste water treatment, community centers)

  • Multi-family apartment buildings

  • Hotels

  • Fitness centers (including YMCA’s and JCC’s)



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